Can’t miss another day of pow

When I woke up this morning and looked outside my bedroom window, I broke into a huge smile. White gold was pouring down and the ground was already covered in a nice layer of pow. As mentioned, I missed every day of snow last winter, and I wasn’t about to lose another entire season. So even though I’m nowhere near able to go skiing in the mountains yet, I decided that today was the day when I was going to check if I’m at all able to make both left and right turns. And guess what, I was. It wasn’t particularly stylish and I didn’t feel in control at all, but I did turn both right and left. I cruised the pow in our yard several times, and it gave me a childlike joy that I’ve really missed. And I do feel convinced that I will be able to ski again, I just have to find a technique that works for my right leg and to work out in a way that gives me better stamina in my lower back and legs. Today was a very small step, only a few minutes with my skiboots on in total, but it certainly was a step in the right direction. I’m really thankful for the boost of motivation today gave me. Another great day.

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