IMG_9888One of the things that really became a problem for me after the injury, was that my head was constantly filled with thoughts churning over and over. Not just negative thoughts, but a lot of questions, ifs and buts. Not being able to do the things I usually did to find peace, like hiking or biking, I was left to myself and my thoughts a lot of the time, and it was exhausting. After a while I just wanted silence, I needed to be able to rest my mind, not just my body.

Mindfullness and meditation is trendy, and I haven’t been exclusively positive. I’ve thought, and to a certain point still think, that it has become one of those trends that people stribe to follow, making them unhappy when they don’t reach the goal set in their mindfullness app on their smartphone. I’m not saying that every trend is a negative one just because it’s a trend, but considering the industry it has become, I think it’s okay to be a bit sceptical.

At the same time I knew how powerfull the mind is, and I had been doing a lot of mental training in form of visualization, so I figured it was worth a shot to try to find some stillness and calm inside. My therapist suggested some meditations that was meant to help me let go of the thoughts that occured, giving me a place of stillness inside. The meditation worked to a certain extent, but I had problems with emptying my mind totally, so I figured I needed something else.

Timagehe solution for me was guided meditations I found through Kevin Pearces Love Your Brain Foundation. I’ve followed KP through his snowboarding career. I really love his style of riding, and the fact that he gave Shaun White real competition was amazing. After watching “The Crash Reel” I was an even bigger fan, and I really admire the way he has coped with his TBI. A true inspiration. Anyway, at they have   published some guided meditations, and they have really helped me find the calm place where both body and mind can get some rest.

Meditation has also helped me avoid building more tension in my back, and therefore helped reduce dizzyness. So even though I’m still on the fence when it comes to the industry, meditation now is an important part of my day and healing.

3 thoughts on “Meditation

  1. Mornings Tonje! En liten hilsen fra mams,som har lest alt det spennende,flotte,triste, optimistiske,kloke, humoristiske……du har skrevet!
    Men først og fremst en liten prøve på om kommentarfeltet funker fra meg:-D. Veldig glad i deg!


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