Birthday in the slopes

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From the first day of the season 13/14. Hoping this Sunday will give us some of the same great feeling!

After testing if it’s even possible for me to ski again, I’ve been eager to try skiing the slopes to see how my stamina is. And together with my wife I have now decided that my birthday, Sunday the 24th of January, will be a great day to hit the slopes again. I’m really looking forward to it, and hope that my leg will respond the way that I think it will. Hopefully I will be able to have a couple of good runs, which will be more than I had the entire 14/15 season!


I’ll post an update on how it went on Sunday. Have a nice week!

4 thoughts on “Birthday in the slopes

  1. Supert…gler oss til å høyre korleis det går i skibakken! Take care….veit du er ganske tøff når du ser at ting funkar! Neste år er Erling’n også klar i “Snehvit”-trekket,trur mormor! Då treng han en dugande instruktør;-);-);-)!
    Vi snakkast på bursdagen din!
    Klemmar i fleng!

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