New ski boots

Skiing again was great, but as I mentioned, I didn’t have as much control as I would like. First of all the nerve in my right leg was irritated causing me to have cramps ans spasms in my foot. I figured that the irritation was due to the fact that my ski boots didn’t have enough flex and that they have a bit too long shafts. This gave the nerve a pinch causing it to be irritated and giving me a hard time. I also felt that I didn’t have as much contact with the ground as I know I’m able to with the right shoes. I figured that I would be able to do something about it just by buying new ski boots. And so I did! They look great right?

As I was looking to buy some comfortable ski boots for the rehabilitation hours I’m going to spend chasing the feeling that only skiing can give me, but at a whole different level of riding than before, I wasn’t keen on spending that much on it. I wasn’t after the top model or the best on the market. The key was finding a pair of boots that was flexible, was a nice fit, felt comfortable and would have enough room for me to put my footbeds in them. As always the guy in the store wanted to sell me some really expensive boots that would be suitable if I was to compete or chase away from avalanches. It really beats me how the people in the stores don’t seem to understand that they ought to sell me what I need and ask for, not what they want to sell me based on how big a provision they get. Anyway, I ended up finding a pair that met my requests and the budget I had set for myself, and I’m really looking forward to testing them out tomorrow evening!

My new “pjäxor” from Salomon

Fun fact: Did you know that the Swedish word for ski boots is “pjäxor”? I really love that word, much more fun than the Norwegian “skistøvler”.


One thought on “New ski boots

  1. Grattis med nye,superkoole pjexor:-D:-D:-D!
    Dei var kjempefine,kryssar fingrar og tær for at dei funkar akkurat slik du ønsker!
    Lykke til på prøveturen…..take care!!!

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