Total whiteout

I had planned on going to Lierberget to test my new ski boots on Thursday evening, but my back and right leg was hurting real bad, so I didn’t. I figured it wasn’t worth the risk of me having to lie down all weekend. So Saturday morning I was really eager to go skiing, and me and the wife decided to go to Budor early. I’m not at a point where I can ski the steepest right now, so I prefer going to the slopes nearby to practice my turns and getting used to this new way of skiing. Before my injury I wasn’t really into going to Budor, because I was bored after a couple of runs in the woods, but now that I’m only able to ski a few runs in the slopes, it’s a good enough place for me to get better. It doesn’t matter that it’s small and not that steep, what matters is that I’m back on my skis enjoying every second of it.

Anyway; it had been snowing all night, so I wanted to be the first on the lift. We got off early and hoped that there would be better conditions when it came to visibility a bit higher up. As we drove closer, we kind of suspected that there wouldn’t be.

Into the fog we go

I was the first one checking out the lift. But I had a sneaking suspicion that this was not the best day on the slopes for someone who totally have to rely on their vision to keep balance.

The lift

I still wanted to check it out as the snow was still falling down and making the woods kind of the place to be. And so I was the first to get off on top. I had chosen high contrast goggles, but had to take them off on my way up the lift as I couldn’t see anything and was close to hitting a couple of trees on my way up. The conditions were the same on top, but I figured I had to get down anyway, so I tried to enjoy myself on the first run. Long story short it was sketchy. If I kept close to the trees I could see the ground every 10 seconds or so, but I felt it was kind of risky and had to take it really slow. It was weird, but I didn’t feel as comfortable with the risk of falling as I did before. I know that if I fall it most likely will not affect my injury at all, but I’m still too afraid that I’m going to hurt myself in a way that will tie me to my bed again to be willing to risk it. I hope this will pass, as a part of what makes skiing fun for me is skiing on the edge of what I know I can handle (but always on the right side of it).

From the top it doesn’t look as bad, but after about 50 m it was total whiteout

I decided to give it another go when I came down, figured it might be better if I chose another way down closer to the lights next to the lift. But it wasn’t. So I called it a day, and look forward to the next time. Hopefully without the whiteout.

Not the best conditions, but I’m still a happy camper. Look forward to getting a good day on the slopes as soon as the weather turns again.

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