My son

A year ago, we were now eagerly waiting for our little baby to arrive. We had been at the hospital since yesterday morning, and the poor wife was getting exhausted of being in labor. At 4.29 PM he finally arrived. We were amazed. Even though I don’t believe in the God the bible preaches about, I must say that looking into my sons eyes for the first time made me sure that there are so much more to this world than us humans can possibly understand. And he was so much bigger and stronger and cuter and louder than we could ever imagine. He was perfect, as are every mothers sons and daughters. If you don’t believe in love at first sight, you will when you meet your kid for the first time.

1 month old, and already very interested in the camera


I took it upon myself to document as much as possible of this first year. I don’t want to publish too many pictures of the wonderkid, but I have thousands of pictures and videos that he’s going to get to see and talk about when he gets a bit older. He already enjoys seeing himself on the screen of my camera or the iPhone, so I guess he will be thankful that his first year is so well documented.

We bought him a pulka for his birthday, and he already tested it. He also is a child of the winter, and next winter he’s getting his first skis. But don’t tell him yet, I want to blow his mind with surprise;-)

Today we celebrate him and our little family. Lets hope we get to grow old and watch him get his own children together.

This morning he got a candle on his breakfast toast, and at 4.29 PM he’ll have his first birthday cake. He’s going to be a happy guy tonight!



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