Home – Winter wonderland

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been back home in Stranda for winter break. I need time off the laptop/iPad every now and then, and I felt that going away was a great opportunity for a longer pause. But I’m back again, and will try to post an update of the gallery within the next few days. I’ll also work on my header image, as I’m testing out different designs to make this page more me and less WordPress. Feel free to give me a shout out when you think I’m on the right track!

Strandafjellet easter 2013. I didn’t get any shots this year, the focus was on skiing. But this image gives you an idea of how the view is skiing in Stranda. Pretty neat.


In Stranda we got to spend time with my family. We celebrated my wifes 30th birthday (Happy B-day love!) and my sons first. It’s truly amazing that even though my parents have split up and are both happy with new partners, they still come together when we are visiting. I’m really proud of them and they are setting a great example for their children and their grandchildren. Spending time with family is very important to me, and home is where the family is. I think that spending time with both my biological and chosen family is so important to me that I sometimes forget to be just me around them, so they don’t get to meet the person I am regardless of the role I have in the different families. After this winter break I have thought a lot about that, and I think I need to work on being just me around them henceforth.

I’m a child of the winter, and Stranda is really winter wonderland, so we are a good match. I was looking forward to shooting some great winter landscapes, and had planned for at least two shots that I really wanted to get during the week. One of them required blue skies and lots of pow, so I knew that that one was a shot in the dark. But the other one I felt pretty confident I would be able to get, as it required mist and heavy snowfall, which is a safe bet when spending a week in Stranda during winter. Sadly, I didn’t get any of them. I didn’t get to shoot much at all, but it was still a really good and rewarding winter break.

I got to test my skiing abilities a bit more in the Sunnmøre Alps than I have down here in the flatlands of Hedmark, and I was really pleased by the response my body gave me as I pushed the limits a bit further than I thought possible at this stage.


During the week we had an incredible snowfall and come Saturday it was major POW-day. I just loved the atmosphere as we drove into the parking area in Strandafjellet Saturday morning. We were there early as we wanted to get some of the first lifts up and of course untracked snow on our way down. And we weren’t the only ones. The parking lot was already starting to fill up, and on both sides of our car we saw boys and girls, men and women, children of the winter, euphorically preparing for their perfect day skiing. It was a beautiful and comic scene. The joy, the excitement and anticipation on everyones faces was amazing and infectious. And we really had to laugh at the “uniform” everyone was wearing; bright colored clothes from Norrøna or Haglöfs, helmets from Sweet Protection, Oakley goggles, ABS avalanche backpacks. I guess having the “right” equipment gives a sense of belonging. I’m not going to judge, it truly was a beautiful sight. I wish I had a shot of it. As I was standing there putting on my ski boots, I felt home. I noticed the smell of snow and diesel from all the cars pulling up on a line next to me. I felt the wind containing small particles of snow freezing on my face. I heard outbursts of pure childish joy from the people around me. And I felt the expectation building inside me. I didn’t know how much I had missed and longed for this until then. And skiing that day was pure magic. I felt free. I felt at home. I felt like myself. Making the first turns that day was a moment I will cherish and go back to in my mind again and again. I don’t think anyone around me did, or could, understand how important or precious that experience was to me. And it’s really not important, what’s important is that I got to feel alive and nothing else mattered for a while.

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