Portfolio updated

The portfolio has been updated under the category “Landscapes”.

This update is a series of shots from Flø. We went there during Christmas of 2013 on a windy, but beautiful evening. I got a lot of shots, but didn’t have time to make the selection and edit them during Christmas. When I was to sit down and work through them later on, I couldn’t find them on any of my cards. I was sure I had lost them, but now they turned up again. I’ve enjoyed a trip down memory lane, and I hope you will enjoy the shots as well.


I like the shot with the old tree best, simply because I love old trees. They make me remember that life is right now and that life meens getting a few of your branches broken, but you’ll still be beautiful and worth remembering.

I also love the way the sunlight fell on the island in one of the pictures. I can wait a long time for light like that, but at this shoot I didn’t have to wait, it was there all through the shoot.



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