I have been looking through some of my old pictures these last few days, trying to see them through new eyes. Many of them has really grown on me, especially the B/W ones. I think I was bolder and not as afraid of doing something “wrong” then. Maybe I was more true to myself and the shots I wanted to get and didn’t care as much about likes then? I wasn’t sharing my pictures then, social media wasn’t as popular and demanding, so I really just shot for myself. Anyway, I decided to share some throwbacks here with you and hope you like them.

First off is a shot from Trollveggen. I originally wanted a shot with the sun behind the top of the wall, but I wasn’t there at the right time for that and didn’t have the time or patient wife to wait for it, so I had to improvise. The clouds worked out fine, and gave some of the effect that I wanted. At first I was a bit sad that I wasn’t able to get a single shot without the reflection from the sun, but now I really don’t mind. I think I’ll go back and try to get the shot I had in mind some day as I really love the silhouette of the top of Trollveggen.

I wanted a wintery and dramatic B/W shot of Slogen, but had not been able to get it. In 2012 there was a lot of snow still even we arrived for summer vacation, and on a day where the clouds made the light a bit more dramatic, I finally got my shot. At first I didn’t feel it was quite right, because it wasn’t the wintery shot I had planned for, but now I love the black lines in the landscape due to the fact that there was not as much snow as there would have been mid winter.

This one was not a planned shot, but when I saw the rainstorm coming, I knew I would have a great B/W shot. After editing it, I wasn’t too impressed and put it away. I got back to the raw file today, and edited it from scratch. This time I love the result. This is really me.

This one is from Romsdalseggen. I don’t know what to say about this one. I didn’t know if I wanted to share this one, because it’s so personal to me. I think I will leave it without any more explanation. It’s close to my heart.

Dramatic clouds on one of those rainy summer days. From Tronfjell. I had simply forgotten about this one. It was an amazing shoot, and I had been waiting for skies like that for ages. Cherish the moments spent outside on days like this one, they are rare.

That concludes my throwback for now. Next time it will be on a thursday, I promise! I’d be really happy if you would follow my instagram @tonjelilleaasphotography 📷

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