Well planned hiking or unplanned adventures


The wife and I have a lot of common interests, and one of the main things we like doing together is hiking. We are both control freaks, and love the whole process of planning the hike, packing our stuff into our backpacks, double-checking that we brought everything, and being really satisfied when we reach our goal knowing that we have completed a perfectly planned hike. The great Roald Amundsen said

Adventure is just bad planning

Well, I’m not sure I agree with that. Even though I love our well planned adventures, I must admit that some of my best memories are from the hikes when everything didn’t go as planned. Like the time when we were to hike to Høgevarde and got surprised by a winter storm when we woke up Sunday morning. We had planned to spend the whole day hiking back down to where the bus would take us back to the city. Due to bad weather however, we decided to get down from the mountain as fast as possible. When we reached the cabins and the dirt road that would take us down to the main road, we were cold and a bit tired from walking in really strong headwind. We knew that we would have to wait for some hours at the bus stop and didn’t look forward to that. Our mood was still great though, because the hike down the mountain had been quite an adventure. We had walked a few minutes along the dirt road, when we heard a car coming behind us. When driving past us, the driver hit the breaks, rolled down the window and asked if we wanted a lift. I don’t know why, but we looked at each other and kind of telepathically decided that we would accept the offer. The driver was an older man, and in the back seat he had his dog, an old and sweet English Setter. He asked us where we were headed, and when we told him that we were just going to the bus stop to wait for the afternoon bus, he responded that it was far too long to wait for the afternoon bus on the bus stop. He reckoned we were cold and hungry, and told us he would take us to his place. Again, the wife and I exchanged looks and decided to accept his offer. Although I don’t think it was as much of an offer as it was a statement. We were going to his place, nothing to talk about. As the car pulled into what we understood was his driveway, I think we were both a bit surprised. He stopped the car in a huge garage, and invited us in to an impressive farm house. We got settled in one of his living rooms, he served bread and home made raspberry jam, and told us he was going to go see a soccer game. He would be back in time to drive us to the bus stop. And he asked us not to mind his wife, she was lying upstairs bedridden with malaria. It was a totally absurd situation! Long story short; he came back from his soccer game, dropped us off at the bus stop and when he left we both broke out laughing.


I think I will continue planning my hikes well, but I think that after this experience both the wife and I are more open to the adventures we can’t plan.

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