Around here

I’ve decided to start a new series of blogposts called “around here” inspired by other blogs I follow. This is going to be a monthlyish summary of what I’ve been up to since my last update. So here it goes. Lately I have been;

trying to teach my son to walk. He is walking behind his trolly and alongside tables and stuff, but he has not released the grip on whatever is helping him keep in balance yet. I totally get the need to feel safe, so I don’t want to push him too much, but I have seen that he is able to stand without holding on to anything or anyone when he is not aware. When he becomes aware, his legs turn it into jelly. So I think he’s able to do more than he thinks and therefore try to show him and help him build confidence. I feel so blessed being able to watch him conquer the world every day!

getting used to my new shoes and ortosis. It feels really awkward and I prefer walking without it. The new shoes are great though, and I love their turquoise and yellow  colors.

 enjoying the spring with my family. It’s amazing to feel the sun warming again, to have daylight to play in the yard after dinner, to hear the birds chirping and see the snow melting. I am a child of the winter, but I must admit I really feel ready for spring this year!

buying a brand new iMac that I have saved for for a long time! I was SO happy that I finally had saved up enough, and I find myself looking at it several times a day just longing to get some media time when my son is asleep or with his other mum. It’s not as much a love for the thing as it is a passion for what I use it for; photography and editing my best shots to fulfill their natural potential.

 meditating in the sun on our porch. Feeling a little bit self conscious about the neighbors being able to see me, but it feels so amazing to feel the sun on my face while meditating, so I just don’t let myself care too much.

That’s it for now, what have you been up to lately?

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