When it comes to photography I prefer keeping my shots as close to what I captured in my camera as possible. I do small adjustments, but most of the time I try not to pull any adjustments too far. At the same time I do enjoy getting creative and playing around with pictures and illustrations that I don’t try to give an impression of being real. As long as it’s clear that a picture has been edited, manipulated or an illustration, I have no problem with it.

The other day I came over an ad for a new app called Enlight. I decided to check it out, and I was surprised by how entertaining I found it. It gives you lots of ways to play around with your pictures on your iPhone and I found it quite intuitive and easy to get started with.

I decided I wanted to make some artwork for the office, so I’m going to print these in 10×15 cm and hang them as a collage on my office wall. Looking forward to feeling inspired!


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