A few years ago I was lucky enough to visit a friend living in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. I had read so many articles from photographers visiting Svalbard and showing off the unique landscape, and decided that I wasn’t going to try to capture the same landscapes that I had seen so many times. Instead I wanted to look at the details in the landscape, and the things that could show what this remote society was built upon.

This was taken right outside the centre of Longyearbyen. Longyearbyen is a small village, and you are not to move far out of the centre before you have to carry a weapon in case of polar bears.
All around Longyearbyen you can see traces of the mining that the society was built upon. Nowadays tourism has become a more important way of income for the people living in Longyearbyen.
The mountains around Longyearbyen have very characteristic lines running top to bottom.
More mining stuff around Longyearbyen. Not used anymore, but kind of beautiful with its aged look.
There’s really not many places to go by car from Longyearbyen, and the roads are “so and so”. There’s roads to the airport and to the mines and that’s about it.
Several small cabins not far from Longyearbyen centre. My friend told me that there had been a lot of arguments over the legality of building some of the cabins, but their still standing.
Seal meat make great food for the huskies used for mushing both as a mean of transportation for those living in Svalbard, and as a part of what is offered tourists visiting.


5 thoughts on “Svalbard

      1. They are! And it’s funny to think about the fact that there are more polar bears than people living on Svalbard. Still I wasn’t fortunate enough to see one, but just knowing they were all around us gave me a special feeling.

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