Portfolio updated

The portfolio has been updated updated under the categories “Landscape”, “B/W”, “Hiking/Biking/Skiing” and “Details”.

As mentioned in my earlier post “Around here”, I’ve bought a new iMac. And transferring all my photos from my old Lightroom to the new one I went through some shots I had wanted to edit for a while so that they are ready for being published.


First off is a shot from Savalen, Tynset, Norway. In the photo we see Sølnklettn, which is an amazing mountain I think. I haven’t been on the top of Sølnklettn yet, but I’m planning to take my son when he is old enough. As for now, I will keep enjoying the view of it from Gråvola, which is the mountaintop I’m standing on shooting this. A funny thing about this image is that it got so many likes on instagram, and I really don’t understand what’s so special about this shot compared to my other shots. I usually get between 40 and 50 likes on a post on instagram, while this image got 129 likes. I know, it’s really not that many, but compared to what I usually get, it’s a lot. So feel free to check out my instagram @tonjelilleaasphotography and tell me what you think I did right posting this image!

I would love to hear which is your favourite shot in this portfolio update, so shoot me a comment!

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