Spring in the garden

This is the first spring we spend in our house and with this garden, so it’s exciting to experience everything for the first time and to plan how we are going to set our mark on our surroundings.


Because of my minor handicap after the injury and the fact that we have a one year old son, we wanted to keep it simple this first year. But we also wanted to start developing an area to grow our own vegetables. So we decided to start it off with a couple of cultivation crates to grow salads, rucola, carrots and chives in.


As soon as we had gotten the seeds in the ground, the cold weather was upon us. Almost as if the universe sensed that we had planned for spring to be here, but didn’t want to give it to us just yet. The temperature has been below freezing every night since we sowed, so we are sure we need to sow again when the temperature rises again.

Before the temperature sunk, some of the beautiful flowers in the garden started popping up under trees and bushes as well. Crocus, anemones and bluebells coloured the garden and gave us some beautiful pictures. No need to plant any flowers just yet, the garden decorates itself.

Zelda the jack russell really has enjoyed the hours spent outside, and loves chasing shadows and sounds from the ground. She looks kind of stupid while watching the grassy ground all the time, but she seems happy nonetheless._MG_2715

Now we look forward to the temperatures rising again so that we can continue our projects outside.

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