My frame

I have been thinking about who I am and what things I would include to present myself in one single frame. First I thought about putting the people I love doing the things I love to do in a frame, but then I figured that I was more interested in who I am regardless of the people I’m surrounded by. And here’s the result:


First of all, I’m a visual person. This is represented by both my favourite camera lens, my paint brush and my promarker. As you probably have understood from reading my blog, I’m passionate about photography. As I prefer shooting with natural light, I need a lens that gives me a wide aperture. And even though many photographers find the 50 mm a bit boring, I absolutely love this lens and how it challenges me to make a good framing so that my shot tells the story I want it to tell. I don’t share my paintings or drawings yet, as I don’t feel they’re good enough for anyone but myself to enjoy. The thing is, I don’t paint or draw because I want people to tell me I’m good at it, but because it calms me down and helps me empty my head. So it’s an important part of my life even though not many knows.

Secondly I’ve always been a bit of a tomboy, represented by the bow-tie. I don’t feel comfortable when trying to fit in or going for a more feminine look. I feel self-conscious and want to go home if I go to a party or to work, or anywhere for that matter, wearing a dress or so-called cute shoes. It’s just not me. I’ve tried for some years now to be a bit more like every other woman in her early thirties, but it just doesn’t sit right with me. So I’ve gone back to being myself a bit more, and it feels like taking a huge burden off my shoulders.

The bow-tie also represents my rather formal side. I’m probably a bit indoctrinated through my time at law school, but it feels natural to me to be a bit more on the formal side, and I think it’s just the way I am. Mind you, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a sense of humour or that I’m dry as a piece of driftwood, just that it might take some time to get to know my not so formal side.

I love action sports, represented by the shot from world championships in Hafjell Bike Park. I started skiing at the age of four, snowboarding at the age of 12, I love riding my mountain bike, I’ve been mountain climbing, slack-lining and skating. After my back got injured I’ve really missed a lot of that stuff, but I got back on my skis this winter and I’m planning on getting back on the single track with my bike this summer. Slow and steady, but still back to what is a huge part of me.

The journal represents that I love journaling. I have several journals; the garden journal represented in this frame, my post-therapy-journal that I use to vent whatever thoughts I have after seeing my therapist, the journal of gratitude where I write down whatever it is that I’m grateful for that day and also the monthlyish “Around here” posts in this blog. The garden journal is new as of this month, and is going to help me become an expert on how to best tend to our garden.

After my wife, son, family and dog, nature is my biggest love. I wanted to fit a whole mountain in the frame, but for obvious reasons couldn’t, so nature is represented by some greens. I don’t think it’s possible to describe how much nature means to me. It’s where I go to seek comfort. It’s where I have my happiest memories. It’s where I’m never afraid. And it’s what connects all the dots for me. I don’t believe in God as described in the Bible. But when I see natures beauty, I’m never for a second doubting that whatever made all of it is something grand and magnificent.

So what about the Fishermans Friends resting on the journal you ask? It simply represents my addiction to Fishermans Friend. It’s my biggest vice and I’m sure many people have noticed that I eat an enormous amount of them. No-one has ever asked why though, and for now I’m not going to answer it. Some mysteries must remain.

That’s me in one single frame. What would you put in your frame?

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