Photography class at Shaw Academy

So, as I said in an earlier post, I’ve been taking a photography class online at Shaw Academy. It’s a foundation course that would lead to a diploma according to their marketing. I came over it while surfing the web for a photography class around where I live, but as I couldn’t find any I figured it was worth testing an online class.

First impression was really good. The live webinars worked smoothly and the teacher was really engaged and talked with a lot of energy. I soon understood that the first 4-5 lessons would repeating things I already knew, but I was looking forward to maybe picking up a thing or two a bit later as the course progressed to a bit more advanced stuff.

After each webinar we were able to take a multiple choice test, and these were way too easy. They didn’t live up to the high standards I expected after attending some of the classes, and didn’t seem worked through. That was just a minor drawback though. The big thing for me, the thing that got me to decide that I would not finish the class was the fact that the crew from Shaw Academy was constantly calling and mailing me to get me to sign up for a life time subscription for Shaw Academys classes. I got the feeling that it was all about money, and not about quality of the course. I was waiting for the course to get past the “I’ve just gotten a new camera, help me figure out how to use it”, but they never did.

The focus on money was also a part of the webinars, as Shaw Academy gives away $1000 at the end of each class. At first I just didn’t understand what it had to do with education and why they did it, but I soon understood the connection to this nag about life time subscription. After finding out that the diploma I would get (and would have to pay for) was an online diploma that looked really cheap, I just didn’t see any point in finishing the class.

But, to finish this post in a positive manner; if you have just gotten a new DSLR and want to get off to a good start, the class can probably be a nice way to kick off the photography interest.

I’ll be updating the portfolio later today, so please pop back to check it out!

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