Portfolio updated

The portfolio has been updated under the categories Other, Details and B/W.

I have cleaned up the portfolio a bit, so you will see that some of the shots that used to be there are gone. I think my view of my own shots develop just like I do, and therefor I might judge some of the shots worthy of being in the portfolio at one point, but not another.

I have picked a personal favourite among the shots in this update as well, but first I just want to mention the green picture in the update of the Other category. I really had fun trying to get the colours and movement right as I tried out different ways of panning to get the right shot. This shot has been made totally in camera, and the only thing I’m not satisfied with is the level of noise. I’m thinking of reducing it, but then  it won’t be made totally in camera anymore.

My favourite in this update is this shot:


I like that it’s just as clean as I was going for, I like the sunlight falling on some parts of the ground making it interesting and contributing to debt and I like how the vertical line is repeated in the foreground tree, the frisbeegolf goal and the tree in the back. I’m just satisfied with how the image is interesting yet clean. How do you like it?

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