Cherries are in bloom

The last few days has given the garden some much needed rain, and the result is magnificent. First of all the carrots and chives have finally sprouted, and the salads and ruccola is growing in a nice pace. Take a look at how far the ruccola has come the last two weeks.

_MG_2847 _MG_2838 _MG_2906

Secondly the cherry tree are in bloom. And what a sight it is!


_MG_2871 _MG_2873 _MG_2898

We really feel blessed with this new garden, and experiencing the first spring and summer in it is going to be amazing. To add to it all we planted strawberries  yesterday, so we will have even more deliciousness to harvest. Really looking forward to it!

The next tree to bloom should be the lilacs. It’s the wifes favourite, and we were so happy to find that there were already lilacs in the garden when we first went to the open house before buying it. I’m not saying it was what sold the house, but it certainly wasn’t harmful! I’ll make sure to share some shots from when they are in bloom later.

That was May! I can’t believe how fast time is flying by. In June we’ll probably get to taste some of the ruccola, salads and chives. And by the end of the month it’s summer break and endless hours outside for the whole family. Yay!


One thought on “Cherries are in bloom

  1. Så kjekt å sjå…..det har gått supert med alt som gror berre siden vi reiste derifra 8.mai! Så kjekt at det gir resultat…”som ein sår,haustar ein….😚😚😚!

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