Singletracking again

IMG_0740This Sunday I took my bike out for some singletracking again. I was feeling a bit nervous up front, due to the fact that it would have been such a set back for me if I wasn’t able to ride ok or if I felt like total rubbish after. I had been putting it off for a week or so, but finally decided that it was time and just went for it. No preparations, just put some air in my tires put the bike on the roof of the car and drove off to the woods with the wife, little dude and dogster coming along for moral support.

It was amazing! Just like with skiing this winter, I am totally able to ride single tracks again! I did a couple of laps and got the feeling back before both leg, back and breath told me that I had to have a break. I reconnected with the family at a playground in the middle of the woods, and we went for a short hike together. Then I walked them back to the car and picked up my bike to ride it back home racing my family driving the car. I won by a minute or so…

At home I landed on the sofa and was pretty exhausted. But the thing is, it was a good exhausted. I wasn’t exhausted from pain or dizzyness or feeling sick, it was exhaustion from doing something I love doing. I treated myself to a hot shower and rubbed tiger balm into my lower back to try and avoid tension and pain the next day, and I was pretty happy with how it felt yesterday. Yay!IMG_0751

I didn’t bring my camera or phone or anything, so I have no pictures from Sunday. But I decided to share some from the summer right before I had my injury. I did so much singletracking that summer, and as you might have cought up on, that’s how I got injured as well. But I didn’t feel scared or insecure when I went riding this Sunday. I just felt liberated from even more of the strains I have been in these last couple of years. I felt free. I was home again.


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