Around here


May has been amazing and has gone by so fast! Since last update I have been;

Leaving our son with my mum and her fiancé for his first night away from us. It was really mostly me and the wife who was nervous, and off course it turned out there was nothing to be nervous about. He had a blast and hadn’t had any problems settling or falling asleep.

Going on a mini break to Oslo while our son was being watched by said mum and fiancé. We had decided up front that we would just relax and not do too much because what we really needed was some lounge time together. And so we ended up having a great mini break and got to refuel and just be the two of us. So we really recommend not planning too much when going on your first mini break without the kid! Just enjoy each others company, eat lots of great food and relax!

Celebrating the 17th of May, which is Norway’s national day. This year the whole family got dressed up in our bunads, our son for the first time, and we joined the children parade before we went to a gathering at the kindergarten. It’s really something different to celebrate 17th of May after becoming parents, and one understands why we call it the childrens day.- Taking my bike back out on the single track in the woods, hence my last post. It was really great to be back at it, and I’m going back out later today.

Shooting some nice pictures of the garden, and planning what shots I want to get during the 8 week long leave from work I’m going to have this summer.

Feeling thankful for the progress I’ve made since this time last year, and what I’m able to do now. I feel I have much more of a life now than a year ago, when I was merely existing.

Looking forward to weeks of family fun back home in Sunnmøre. Only three weeks left and we are there!


2 thoughts on “Around here

  1. Nydelige ord og bilder(som alltid). Her er vi reiseklare, halv time til Harry henter og bringer oss trygt til Vigra☺! Jippppi-Kroatia venter😎

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