Cruise ship and childhood memories


When I was a child, me and the other kids in the neighbourhood would run to the nearest viewpoint and yell “storbåååt” every time we saw a cruise ship pass in or out the fjord. You see, I grew up close to Geirangerfjorden which is one of UNESCOs world heritage areas. Accordingly we get a lot of tourists, and most of them come by boat. Well, cruise ships more than boats.


This summer I was sitting on one of my new favourite spots, a narrow ledge above the fjord  (see my last post), waiting for a cruise ship to pass at the exact right moment for it to be in the light between the shadows the surrounding mountains were casting on the fjord. And as I sat there I thought that some things haven’t changed. When I first got an eye on the cruise ship, I wanted to yell “storbåååt”. Wanted to make sure that everyone got to see the impressive ship, maybe hear the music from the deck or hear it great Stranda with a “TOOOOT”. But this time the urge to yell out soon was followed by a need to just sit there and feel blessed to get to spend a great amount of my life among the mountains and fjords the tourists travel so far to visit. And I really felt like I belong there, it’s really a big part of me, more than just childhood memories.


And I did get the shot I had planned for even though lighting was really difficult.


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