Around here

It’s been a while since my last post on what’s been happening around here, so it’s time to give you the highlights. Over the summer I’ve been;

  • Enjoying a lot of time with the family. We spent some weeks with my family in Sunnmøre, then had some weeks at home before we left for Oslo and Karlstad for a few days. It’s great to spend quality time together, and to feel like a normal family without the limitations that we experience in everyday life. One of the things I bring from this summer is that I am able to feel almost like I did before my injury as long as I am keeping active (but not too active) throughout the day and don’t spend as much time sitting in front of the desk. I also know that I can’t walk on asphalt for too long periods at a time, so big city shopping and sightseeing just isn’t the best thing to do. It’s great to be able to figure out what works and what don’t.
  • Painting and drawing a lot with my son. His favourite nowadays is hearts and stars. He calls them both hearts, and is really proud when he recognises them when we’re out and about.
  • Shooting a lot of new images. I have really made the most out of the time spent away from work, and gotten to do a lot of the things that i love to do. I had planned for some shots this summer, and got a fair amount of them.
  • Entering my first photography contest in the local photography club. I’m really excited about joining a club, and look forward to getting to know some people around here that shares the same interest. The theme of the contest this month was B/W landscapes, and I entered with two images og “Fjelltjønna” and “Slogen”. Eager to see how people like them.
  • Planning a store on etsy to sell prints. More on that later.
  • Changing the design on and making a new logo for myself. I think I’m getting close to presenting myself and my works online in the way that I want to now._mg_3832_mg_3942IMG_2534240184_thl_slogen_02240184_thl_fjelltjjonna_01_mg_3991

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