Portfolio updated

As I have mentioned before, I got a lot of the shots I wanted this summer. The ultimate experience was getting the shot at Savalen last weekend. I cannot explain the level of happiness I felt when I knew that the image was safe and sound on the memory card. It was simply amazing, and I go back to that feeling over and over again in my mind. The moment and the feeling has become a huge resource for me, and thus the image very special. I’m going to share it, but just not yet. To me it seems like the image is perfect until released. As long as I am the only one who’s seen it, it is everything I want it to be. When I share it, some of that will disappear. So, for now the portfolio has been updated with some of the other images I’ve shot lately.

First I’ve shared a new B/W landscape. I really wanted to catch the mystique and kind of pressing and heavy feeling of the scenery this evening. I don’t know about you, but rainy days with dark, heavy clouds all the way down on my shoulders tend to affect my mood. And I wanted to reflect that but at the same time show that it can be quite beautiful.


I’ve spent most of the summer in Norway. Norwegian summers can be amazing, as long as you accept a certain amount of rain. I wanted to show off the beauty of heavy rainfall, and had quite the challenge of catching the pouring raindrops. In the end I think I succeeded in getting the result I wanted, but I had to wait for early fall to get the right light. Not sure about the crop, what do you think?


Last image for this update is a classic landscape reflection. This is an image I shot about an hour and a half before I finally got the image that I’m not ready to share just yet. It was at this point that I knew there was a possibility I would get the conditions I was waiting for, and I think this image reflects the serenity and lightness I was feeling inside as I continued to wait for the light.


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