Portfolio updated

I’ve been sitting on two images from the last shoot at Savalen, and trying to figure out if I wanted to share them or not. I did quite a few exposures of the same scene over the golden hour, and I had a few different ways of cropping and editing that I wanted to test. The portfolio has now been updated with one panoramic image that I shot right before the mist got really good and I could try bracketing to get the image I had come for. Both images are in the project Savalen2016.

The panoramic was a crop that I saw at the moment the mist started to creep in, and I was just hoping that I would be able to get both the panoramic and the image below that I had been waiting to shoot. Luckily I was, and I was really satisfied with this crop. It would have been nice to get more of the light in the panoramic as well, but I had to shoot this at the end of the session, to the darkness was coming fast. and the light almost lost. Even so, I almost like this image more than the one below. What do you think?


It was the first time that I tried merging multiple exposures, and I didn’t want the unnatural HDR look that we see all over the web these days. I was really happy with the result, except for one thing; some funky looking thing in the clouds. I could not for the best of me understand how to get rid of the ghosting when merging the images without getting all the bad side effects of using a high level of deghosting. So, I left the image with a bit of ghosting and just have to do better next time. Anyway, I really enjoy this scene and think the image shows what I wanted to show. The best thing is that it reminds me of the great feeling I had immediately after finishing the session, a feeling that makes me all warm and childishly happy thinking about. I think this will go on my wall at some point. This or the panoramic.


And as a bonus I just have to share a shot that didn’t make the portfolio, but still make me smile. No filters, just a few levels on this one, but the sky looks kind of unreal if you ask me. A lot of noise and not the best crop though, so not a portfolio quality image. But still kind of fun.


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