In my camera bag; a new lens


So, I’ve bought a new lens. I’ve been wanting a 70-200mm for a long while, I think ever since I got my first DSLR, but haven’t had the opportunity to prioritise it. When I came over a photographer in my area that had one for sale, it caught my interest. The lens turned out to be in nice condition and the price was okay, and so it ended up among my lenses.


I currently shoot with this equipment:

Canon EOS 7D

Canon 40mm f2.8

Canon 50mm f1.4

Canon 70-200mm f4

Sigma 17-70mm f2.8-4

I also use polarisation filters, a light tripod (next on my investment list is a new one with a bit more stability) and a remote shutter control.

The 70-200mm will be used for both landscapes and action shots, and I can’t wait to bring it out in the mountains to capture some biking and skiing. The fact that it’s a f4 means that it’s really light, and keeping the weight low is key for me and my injured back.

I’ve yet to find a camera backpack that fits my back nicely, but I really want to invest in a proper backpack so that carrying the gear can become a bit more comfortable. It has to have space for all the extra stuff I need to be able to spend a whole day out shooting, like food and extra clothes and so on. It also can’t be too heavy since it will be packed with gear most of the time, and again keeping the weight down is important. I also have a quite long back, so it can’t be one of the short and bulky models. Suggestions are welcomed, feel free to leave them in the comments below.

Printing is another thing I really want to look into, but more on that in a later post.

I leave you with a couple of B/W shots. Have a beautiful Sunday!

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