Photowalk contest – which image to enter???

Luckily I was able to join the Scott Kelby’s 9th Annual Worldwide Photo Walk today. We were seven participants in the Hamar walk, I had never met anyone of the others before, so I was rather nervous upfront. But we ended up having some nice hours photographing and chatting about our common interest as we walked through downtown Hamar.

Participants are allowed to enter one image each in the photo contest following the walk. I’ve had my first look through the images I’ve shot, and I’m not quite sure which one to choose just yet. I think I’m down to four images. It would be really nice if you would give me a hand! Cast your votes in the comments below.


In the first half of the photo walk we spent quite a lot of time in the backyard of the local cafe Tante Gerda. I didn’t want to shoot what everyone else was shooting, and couldn’t find my motive at first. But as I walked around this shape of light turned up and caught my eye. I really liked the isolation and the old wood that was so beautiful when the sunlight was cast upon it. I’m not sure why, but I just saw some beauty in it, and it still fascinates me. I haven’t done much editing, just wanted to keep it raw, like the scene felt when I shot it.


As we waited for some of the participants to finish their shots, a concert started in the backyard. The artist, I sadly didn’t catch his name, had brought his four year old son to the concert. He started by telling us about how his son hadn’t known him before because he had been dealing with drug abuse, but now they had a great relationship. They seemed to have a great relationship now, the son clearly very proud of his dad. There was something so real and genuine about this guy, and he really went into the music as he performed. I wanted to isolate him from the surroundings the way he seemed to go into his own world as he played, and found some leaves to frame him.


The photowalk ended up in the skatepark, and I had decided before we started that I really wanted to find the right 1×1 composition there. At first the park seemed to be full of small kids on their kick bikes, and although that can be charming enough, it wasn’t quite what I was after. After a while there was two guys that caught my eye, and when I asked them if it was okay that I shot them, they put on a show for me. This older guy had his own style, and I really liked this shot with his arms completing the lines from the rails in the background.


This guy was really fun shooting because he gave it his everything all the time. He also had a very pointed style, and I like that. In this image one of the things I’m happy with is that the older guy is standing at the start of the line watching, kind of telling the story about the feeling of community that I picked up on while shooting these guys. Hoping to be able to shoot them again some other day.

So that was my four candidates, which one do you think I should enter? The theme of the contest is totally free, so all images are possible contenders.

Anyone of you guys who joined the photo walk today? Please put up your link below, I’d be happy to see some images from today!

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