Multiple exposures

So, I haven’t gotten graduated ND-filters yet. And I don’t have any 10-stop filters or anything like that, so getting the long exposures where the whole image is exposed correctly is a challenge. Therefor I’ve tried to merge multiple exposures to get the result that I want. I must say, I’m not quite there yet.

Last time I tried was friday evening. I just wanted to test the technique and so I found an ok location near the lake to shoot into the sunset. I did three exposures. I wanted the milky white water, but at about one second the foreground was too burned out. I could probably have waited even longer for the sunset to become less bright, but didn’t as my wife and son was waiting. I tried this guys recipe for merging the two exposures, and think the result was decent, but nothing more.

One thing is getting the exposure right, another is getting a sharp enough image when I merge the two together and my tripod haven’t been stable enough. Just not good enough in this one. So that means I have a challenge and a possibility for development, and that’s just great!


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