Portfolio updated

I have updated the portfolio with some new portraits that I shot of my son at Domkirkeodden in Hamar. Capturing children isn’t the easiest thing to do. There’s something about making the photoshoot something fun and nice for the children, but at the same time getting the best light and capturing the kind of mood that you want. I must say I really admire the photographers doing it for a living, because it’s really demanding work.

My son is amazing. He is really curious, has a high tempo all the time, exploring a lot, talking in words and sentences that only our little family can understand yet, playing around and expressing such joy over the smallest things. I really wanted to capture his spirit the way I see it, not only get nice images of him in his bunad. I think I did ok.

I did a few shots where we threw leaves up in the air in front of him, but wasn’t able to get my camera not to focus on the leaves instead of him. He was overjoyed with being able to play in the leaves, and thus the shoot was enjoyable for him as well. I will try again with the same idea but with snow this winter. I think I have to get it now to be able to capture that amazing joy.

Anyway; here is my two favourite shots that made the portrait portfolio.



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