5 photographers I follow on Instagram

Every photographer needs inspiration. I get my inspiration from magazines, books, galleries, blogs and Instagram among others. Many of the instagrammers I follow has given me some really nice moments and I wanted to give them a shoutout and at the same time share with you guys why I like their work.

1. @shortstache

I think he really has his own style of photography that he sticks with. It’s really inspiring how he’s able to do all sorts of photography in the same style, so that his shots are easy to recognise. Check out his profile on Instagram, or his website www.shortstache.com if you’re not on Instagram.

2. @alexstrohl

This guy has a lot of followers, and probably has inspired some of the other photographers I follow in Instagram. I especially love his drone shots, and how his composition often is so strong. He has some of the same estetique that @shortstache has, with a lot of warm, earthy colours. His images seems so calm and often brings me stillness even though many of them are of raw and magnificent mountain landscapes.

3. @hannes_becker

Hannes Becker has almost a million followers and I think it is due to his raw estetique. Even though his images has similarities with the other instagrammers I follow, he brings something else by not choosing the warmer tones all the time. Sometimes his colours are really on the colder side, but he still manages to bring warmth into the image by his compositions. I also love that it’s a lot of images of European nature.

4. @flopunktwe

I especially like this guys portraits of both people and animals. He’s got an outdoorsy and warm feel to his images, and one of his cow-portraits (!) is to die for.

5. @tiffpenguin

I think @tiffpenguin has her own twist on the outdoorsy category that all the people on this list falls within. She brings another colour scheme, and a softer approach to many of the amazing landscapes she portrays, which is really nice I think. And I love her use of scale to show just how grand many of the scenes are.

Hope you find some inspiration among these guys, and make sure to follow my instagramprofile @tonjelilleaasphotography .


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