Me, my myself and my mountains

This is where I grew up. The image was taken a few metres from my house, and the view is pretty much the same as the one from my bedroom window. When people ask me why I have such a passion for mountains, nature and grand landscapes, this is my answerimg_2835

A few minutes drive from my house we could park the car and hike to Liavarden. The hike isn’t especially challenging. We were only a few years when we joined our first hike to Liavarden, but it still offers a magnificent view. I think I have mentioned it before, but it is still one of my favourite hikes.


The mountains sometimes challenge us. They make it harder for us to get from one point to another. They send avalanches to take the lives of our relatives or friends and acquaintances. One of the mountains back home are currently threatening to wipe out whole villages around the fjord where I grew up. A huge rockslide is going to make a tsunami in the fjord. It has happened before, and it will happen again. We just don’t know when. Norwegian filmmakers even made a catastrophe actiondrama about it, “The wave”.


When my wife and I got married back home, her relatives told me that they could never live among those terrifying mountains. The funny thing is; all the things they found terrifying are the exact same things that make me love my mountains deeply. I guess we’re just different in that way. Some of us are mountain people, some of us are not.


Where I grew up the mountains surrounds everything. They are steep and raw and massive. To me they offer something well known, something that has always been and that doesn’t change. They affect both how we live our lives and, I think, who we become as people. We are privileged to grow up among them. And we are privileged to be able to visit them as often as we want to. On their terms.


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