New website

As I mentioned in my last post, I have been working on my website the last week or so. I have not been satisfied with the design from when I last changed it, because I wanted the images to be more in focus when you first enter the site, as well as being able to brand a bit more.

Initially I had decided that I wanted to move from to a self-hosted domain, and I chose Bluehost because I still wanted to blog on wordpress. I started the process with transferring the domain, but after a few days found out that it was to much of a hassle. Getting answers on a few issues from Bluehost customer service was too difficult, and at a point I felt it was getting ridiculous. So I contacted customer support at, got really great service and long story short am back at

I have redesigned the site, and am almost satisfied now. Just a few small adjustments left. First one being that I need to find a better fit for the title image when the website is opened on a smartphone. It looks nice at both computer screens and tablets, but on smartphones there’s something not quite working. So I’m looking into that.

I hope you like the new design, and that you will look back in a couple of days to see the final result!img_8120-copy

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