A week and a half ago there was a big photo op around the globe. I’m sure you all have heard of the supermoon, and that you have seen a lot of stunning images of it. I too had planned to get an image, but on the night of the supermoon the moon was nowhere to see due to the bad weather. It kind of sucked, but there was nothing to do about it. The following evening the skies cleared for an hour or so though, so I went outside to get a few shots. As I hadn’t planned to get my image in my own garden with all the horrible light pollution from houses and roads and the city centre not far away, I didn’t have a plan for the image. And so the result came out just ok. But I thought that it is important to be able to share images that I’m not 100% satisfied with as well, even though they won’t make the portfolio. So here it is;


It’s a merge of two exposures, and a tad bit darker in the foreground than I wanted it to be. But I could not edit it any lighter without giving it a very unnatural look. Also, the moon is a bit rough around the edges, due to my lack in editing skills when it comes to merging images like this. I will just have to do better next time, January 1st 2257 was it?

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