Skiing in Sjusjøen

So, this weekend we went skiing in a local alpine centre called Sjusjøen Skisenter. It is a small resort not that far from where we live, so we’ve found that it’s a good alternative when we’re after a couple of hours in the slopes.

It’s really great to be skiing. I don’t think one appreciates just how fun it is before one due to health issues has had to face the fact that one might not be able to do it anymore. In my case, as I have written about before, I’m still able to ski but on a totally different level. I’m still working on accepting that skiing isn’t as fun as it was before my injury, and one of the things helping me to accept that is the acknowledgement that skiing still is one of the most fun things I can do even though I have changed. It still makes me feel free and happy even though it’s not the same. I think focusing on what skiing gives me now is more important than going back to what it gave me before the injury.

One of the things I got to experience this weekend was an amazing sky. I felt my body calm down and release some tension as I stood on top of a cliff and overlooked the wide landscape. It’s not great and raw like the landscape back home, but it still managed to give me the feeling that I’m so lucky to be here right now.




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