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2017 Keepers – Nature and Landscapes

To me a keeper is an image that make it to the portfolio, that are true to who I am as a photographer, and that tells the story I wanted to tell as I captured it. Each year I tell myself that if I capture 12 keepers, it has been a good year with regards to photography. As we move into 2018, I want to share my keepers from 2017 and tell you a bit about how the image was shot, what I like about it and why I think that one is a keeper. First out was the portraits, candid and lifestyle images. Now it’s time for the nature and landscape images.


I woke up one morning in January and could barely see anything out of my window. The fog was so dense, I could barely see my neighbours house. But what I could see was this amazing frost that covered every straw of grass in our garden. And I had to capture how it made me feel. This image is the result. I felt like the only one in the world, as I could neither see nor hear anyone else as I shot this image. And this tree was so beautiful with its green needles being coloured blue from the frost that covered them. An amazing sight. I will cherish it forever. I also got another image of a bell-tower the same day that I was really happy with, you will find it in my last post of keepers.


This image represents everything I love about summer where I grew up. The bright and saturated greens, the clear blue sky, the snowy mountains. Sharp mountain peaks and steep mountain sides. A tarn reflecting the blue sky. No place I’d rather be at that moment, and a classic landscape image that I really appreciate.


The blue hour was truly blue this day, and I felt so blessed to be able to capture it. Sometimes it is not the pink or yellow light that is the most beautiful around sunrise or sunset, it is the blue. I’ve said it before, and I most likely will say it numerous time more; Blue is the warmest colour. I love how the mist separates the treetops from the mountainside in the background, how the tree in the front is slightly underexposed (but not enough to make it a silhouette) and how you are able to see the sharp details in the mountain due to the ever so light dust of snow that is covering it.



But even if the blue hour was amazing, this image might just be my absolute favourite from 2017. I love the colours, the mystique, the reflection, the yellow grass, the little cabin with its white window framing, just everything about this image. Not to brag too much, but i’m really happy with this one.


I tried to focus on capturing the details of the landscapes this year. To make portraits of the mountains i love, rather than letting them play a small part in a wider composition. And this black and white of my mountain Grjotet was a result of this focus. The weather was not the best, so I knew it had to be a black and white. And I was happy with it. It looks amazing in large print.


During the fall I had to focus on figuring out what I want my images to look like, what style I have and what represents me as a photographer. This image is one of those that represent me, and therefore it makes the portfolio. Not because it does not have technical imperfections, but because it tells the story about this amazing morning that I sat by the lake watching the mist moving and the sun rising. Because I can see both my dark sides and my light and colourful ones in it.

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