Picking out images for an exhibition

The local photography club is holding an exhibition with images by its members, and each member can participate with maximum three images. The deadline is tomorrow, I’m printing today and I’m not yet sure which images to show. So today I’m doing a lot of thinking.

It’s all about choosing what I want people to be left with after seeing my choice of images, and even though I sort of know what mood I want to display, I’m really not sure how to best reach that mood within the viewers with only two images (that’s what I have decided so far, that I will only show two).

This is the first exhibition that I take part in, so I want to make sure that I participate with something I can own and feel represents me. Even though it’s in a local cafe and not in a gallery I feel that when I show my printed images it means something more than when I show them online. I’m able to reach another audience and people who see my images will not be reading my thoughts about them like you can here on the blog.

I’m down to six images in sets of two now, so I’m going to print them all in two different sizes and decide after. I’ll let you know what I decide on. And if you’re in Hamar during February, make sure to pop by “Tante Gerdas” in Standgata to see our exhibition!

“Solitude” and “The strangest thing was waiting for the bells to ring”

“Emotional landscapes” and “You shall not pass”

“Into the fog we hike” and “Frozen”

Let me know if you have any suggestions as to which images to choose!

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