Around here – it’s a new year

Since last update Christmas has gone by, and you can read all about it here. I had every intention of doing a summary of 2016 and a “welcome 2017” post, but I decided to put it all into this “Around here” post.

2016 was a good year. Highlights were celebrating our sons first birthday, seeing him walk for the first time, hearing him say his first words and sentences, going on our first family vacation together and just finding our form as a family. 2016 also brought challenges such as seeing how handicapped our family is when my wife got ill. But we pushed through, and all in all I think 2016 was a year of progress for our family as a whole. For me and my process concerning my injury 2016 was a rollercoaster. The first six months can be summarised as a slow and steady pace forward. The last six months I took a step in the wrong direction. And so the road to get to the best place I can be continues in 2017.

The last month I have been:

  • skiing in Hafjell Ski Resort. We rented a cabin for the weekend after my birthday and spent some quality time together just the four of us. I got to hit the slopes two days in a row and was delighted that I didn’t totally ruin the following week doing so. Worth to mention that a day in the slopes for me now means two or three laps, but that’s so much better than not being able to ski at all! My son also got to test the slopes for the first time, and he was nothing but smiles and laughter. And I think the wife enjoyed her cross country skiing hours as well, so all in all a perfect way to start the year off.
  • celebrating that I have gotten another year older. The alternative is not worth to mention, so I feel happy and blessed being able to say that I’m now 33!
  • going through a second opinion with a new team of doctors, physical therapists and such. I’m now going to start a new rehabilitation program and I feel eager to see if that is what’s needed to get me a step further.
  • participating in my first exhibition ever. I was not sure I would ever dare to show any of my images in an exhibition, as it seems so much more serious than showing them online. But I must say, it felt great to see them printed and framed and on the wall among many other great images from fellow photographers in the local photography club.
  • almost capturing a plane going by as I was waiting for the perfect light for a woodland shot I had been working on.

I hope that 2017 will bring me a step closer to being myself again, and that I will be closer to accepting that myself now does not have to be the same as myself yesterday or ten years ago. I hope that I will be making a lot of great images, and I really look forward to sharing them with all of you._mg_5521_mg_5505



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