Stare into the sunset

So, Saturday I went to Atlungstad to shoot some old trees, as you can se in this post. I found this one composition that I wanted to test in better light, so I went back to shoot it during golden hour come Sunday.

The composition is an old tree standing by itself on the edge of a green at Atlungstad golf course framed by some other trees in the rough close to the green. This was how it looked Saturday.


I figured I wanted almost the same composition, but with an angle so that the bush to the right was on the other side of the foreground tree to isolate the main tree a bit more and off course with a totally different light behind it. The final image is almost too beautiful when it comes to colours for my taste, but I decided not to cool it down too much since I wanted it to give a somewhat accurate picture of what I saw shooting the composition. And I really love how the sun is kissing the ground and lighting the foreground tree to the left.


As the sun set, the light in the foreground disappeared, and I decided to stare into the sunset for a while. Earlier that evening it looked as though the sunset would not be that amazing because of some huge grey and heavy clouds. But as I was standing there just enjoying being out photographing, suddenly the clouds had changed to a lighter kind and the sky was on fire. So I did what I usually dont do, and turned my camera towards the horizon to capture some cliches.



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