I simply remember my favourite things

Some days ago I was home alone and walking around the house just taking in the feeling of our home. Since I met my wife, we have lived five different places together, and never before have we felt so much at home. I think one of the main things for me is that our house has amazing natural light in almost every room. And even when I stand in the shower, I can see Hedmarksvidda with it’s vast woods. The light and the view from our sofa and the shower makes me feel calm and helps me stay grounded at home. With having moved so many times, we have also made sure that what we have brought in to our home are things we love, and thus I am surrounded by things that make me feel good. My favourite things one might say.

Our dog Zelda is not a thing, but neither is kittens or raindrops and they still made the lyrics right? Zelda is at least one of my favourites, and she loves the light in our house just as much as I do. She follows the sun through the house and rests in the warm rays for hours.

In our sons room we have put his amazing knitted sweaters on display. Here’s a selection that was not being used the very day I shot images around the house. 

Our base throughout the whole house is grey.  I love the lightness without everything having to be white. We also have three buddhas (one teaching, one meditating and one bust), this being the first one we bought. Here on display next to my meditation cushion and one of our huge green plants in our living room. Nature and natural materials is very much present in our house, and I love how it makes me feel alive being surrounded by things that remind me of nature.

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