Streets of Oslo

I am not a street photographer. Being caught photographing someone terrifies me, and I really have an issue with the whole concept of shooting strangers with my camera. Nevertheless I do love the really good street photographers works, and I think that challenging myself by going outside my comfort zone is a good way to develop my skills. So this weekend I brought my camera to the streets of Oslo, to try and capture some of the citys vibe.

To find compositions and interesting things to photograph was not the difficult thing. To dare to actually shoot, was a whole different story. I found that if I just seemed very interested in photographing some of the amazing street art that covers the citys buildings, that might be a good cover and a way for people not to notice me as much.



The cover gave me a bit more confidence, and I got my first shot with actual people in it. I was fascinated by the shop and its name more than the people in this shot as well, but I figured it needed someone outside to actually make a somewhat interesting image.


I then found this amazing streetart of a peacock. The piece reflected in the window on the other side of the streets, and I really wanted to get a shot of someone else noticing the peacock as they passed by. I “hid” in the alley under the peacock and waited for the right timing. When the sun went behind a cloud, the reflection in the windows disappeared, so I had to wait for the right light and the right people to walk by. When both lighting and subjects appeared at the same time, I was really afraid that I hadn’t gotten the shot. It all happens so fast and you have to make sure that your camera is ready at all times. Very different from shooting a well planned landscape image.


So that’s the results of my first experience with street photography. The results are so and so, but I definitely got to push my limits and learn a little bit about both myself and how I work when I’m out shooting.

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4 thoughts on “Streets of Oslo

  1. street photography is one of my favorite photography types. but as you said, it is terrifying! especially if one lives in a country where generally people don’t like to be photographed by strangers.
    I think you did great on your first try. I love the photos, esp the last one. great compostion. wish me luck on my own first try! 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your kind comments! Norwegians aren’t really that happy about anything but minding ones owns business when out in the streets, so it really is a matter of not getting noticed around here;) I wish you the best of luck, and am sure you will enjoy the experience! Make sure to post the results!

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