Around here – spring edition

Wow, time flies by these days! I can hardly remember what has happened since my last “around here”-post, but luckily I have my images to help me. So since my last update I’ve been;

  • Playing a lot with my son. It’s truly amazing how much the kid develops these days, and we’re trying to spend as much time as possible together to make sure we don’t miss out. Overtime he is on the verge of breaking a code or mastering a new skill, he has a few days of frustration and irritability, and then all of a sudden he has taken a new leap in terms of developing. It’s just so fascinating to be a part of. Sometimes really challenging, but fascinating none the less.
  • Participating in a new rehab program for my back injury. I’ve been working out a lot in addition to continuing my work on my way of thinking, and I’m still with the same physical therapist and therapist. I must admit that I haven’t yet seen the great effects from the rehab-program, but I’m really happy that I get more time to focus on strengthening my body through workout. And I hope that I will see some effect after keeping it up for another month or two. It’s a twelve week program in total, so I still have some time to make progress!
  • Going for a mini-break with the wife! As much as we love being mamma and mammo (mom and mummy), we do miss being just the two of us from time to time. So we cherish the possibility to leave our son in the trusted hands of his grand-parents and spend a bit of time as a couple. This time it wasn’t entirely a romantic couples weekend, as the mini-break was my birthday present from the wife and it involved quite a bit of photography. We still got to relax, have som nice dinners and enjoy each others company. So important when entering parenthood to remember that one still is a couple, not just parents!
  • Taking my son to his first bike-race. He biked 500 m through the woods, got a prize and a waffle and was really happy. Yay!
  • Hiking every chance we have had. Or to be fair, walking in the woods as there are not many mountains to hike around here. But we get to be out with nature, and that’s my main priority for the next few months. Being with nature together as a family. I love it!
  • Growing basil, thyme, tomatoes, chives, carrots, snow peas, radish, strawberries, salads, rucola and chillies. As well as some edible flowers. Spring has been colder and has brought more rain this year, but the wife let me keep my plants inside until it was time for them to come out into the pallet collars in which we grow our veggies. Looking forward to harvest the first taste of summer salads soon!
  • Celebrating the 17th of May (Norwegian Constitution day). My son likes the drums in the parade above all, so we are expecting some noise as he grows older.








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