Around here – It was the summer of 2017

Since my last update, a lot of things have been going on around here. To summarise I have been;

  • finishing a rehabilitation program that has taken a lot of my time this spring and early summer. You can read a bit more about that in my latest post.
  • starting a photo challenge. This is ongoing, and I will post the images a little now and then before making a slideshow of the 30 chosen images in the end of august. Stay tuned!
  • going on vacation with my family. We went back home to Stranda and Volda in Sunnmøre. As we do almost every summer. It’s so good to be home, with family and my beloved mountains. We also spent a few days in Dønfoss, hiking in Breheimen and enjoying some alone-time away as a family just the four of us.
  • photographing a lot. I had to buy a new 32 GB CF card and have it shipped to where we spent the last part of our vacation, as I had filled the cards that I had brought with me before I got there. I’m really excited to go through all the images and eventually post some of the results. I know there are some images that I really love among them.
  • riding my brand new bike as often as I can. It’s a mountain bike with an electrical motor, and it is so much fun to ride! I will post more on this later, but as for now I will just reveal her name; Dirty Penny. Why? Because it’s a Giant Dirt-E+ 2, and because it’s hot like Penny.

As for now I will leave you with some images from Austefjorden, where my fathers family cabin is. Enjoy and be sure to check back for more images soon! If you like what you see, why don’t you hit the like button or leave a comment?

The cabin – my childhoods summer paradise
Årset-island, a short boat ride from the cabin
My son – little Mr Cool
Some biscuits are important to keep the spirit up
Buildings at Årset-island
Are you done shooting and fishing soon?
The lighthouse
Drama in the skies
My dad – the Captain
A fish was caught, but a bit scary to hold

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