Storfjorden from Skøggerøra ledge

In my last post I shared an image of Mt. Grjotet. The mountain is actually present in this post as well, but this time the viewpoint was a totally different one. Last summer I spent some time at the Skøggerøra ledge. And even though I got some pretty nice images, the light and weather just was not peaking. So when I got to shoot in the warm light of sunset this year, I was really happy.

Mt. Grjotet from Skøggerøra ledge

Sitting at the Skøggerøra ledge, is really breathtaking. It’s so high above the fjord, and the mountainside below is really steep. When Ottar told me that people used to pose in the tree standing on the edge, I was really amazed at how someone would dare to.

The tree one would climb is standing on the edge of the upper ledge. There is a ledge below that I usually shoot my imaged from.

The mountains around the fjord gets the last strokes of the sun long after the fjord lies in shadow. This next image is taken from the lower ledge as the sun was setting. I chose to do only standing compositions this time, as I wanted the ledge in the foreground. I was really just after one composition this time, and that was this next one. Hence I prioritised to get this one image with portfolio quality. I’m really happy I got it.


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One thought on “Storfjorden from Skøggerøra ledge

  1. Skøggerøra er ein fasinerande flott plass og du har fanga utsikta derifrå perfekt i bilda dine,Tonje! Takk for at du formidlar det vakre til oss😍!

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