Getting the feeling back

Earlier I’ve written about how this summer I’ve been able to be me again to a bigger extent than the years that have passed since my injury. It has felt liberating not having to plan everything as detailed and not knowing that doing this one thing I wanted to do would automatically mean that I had to drop something else.

One of the best evenings I spent with my wife hiking in Volda. We wanted to try for the summit of Rotsethornet in Volda, but had to turn around after accepting that the trail was in too bad condition. There was just too much mud and slippery stones for it to be safe for me to complete the steep descent after reaching the summit. So without disappointment (!) we turned around and went back down to a viewpoint situated in the mountainside called Kalsethola. From there we watched the sunset and refuelled together.


I shot some images for the “Sunset” part of the photo challenge, and as I had gotten my tripod where I wanted it and waited for the conditions I had in mind, a few sheep came along to check out what I was up to. The got really close, and at a point a lamb actually walked through the legs of my tripod.

As we walked back down we talked about how this made us feel so much like us. A feeling that we both had missed and been afraid that we would not have again since my injury. Our lives had consisted in a huge part of being out hiking together, and losing that would be a great loss to the both of us. Getting the feeling back, even if we didn’t hike so far or steep, was great. Being just the two of us, being out at sunset, enjoying an activity that we appreciate so much, was just so important to show ourselves that we are still us.




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