Around here – it’s about to be fall

I have already mentioned what a great summer we’ve had, and if you haven’t read about it you can do so in the last around here-post. Since then I have:

  • been working a lot with post production of this summers images. Some of them have been posted already. Check out images from a grey day in Geirangerfjorden, mountainscapes from Roaldshorn and sunset from Kalsethola among others in my latest posts.
  • making a new home-office for myself in our basement. It’s really great, has a woodburner to make it warm and cozy come winter.
  • working out three times a week. Combined with work, family and photography, my schedule is kind of tight nowadays. I also have to make sure that my back and leg gets enough rest, so I kind of long for that 25 hours a day instead of the regular 24. Or maybe just an eight day long week?
  • biking as often as I can, as my e-bike is plain amazing.
  • picking up the guitar again, and relearning how to play it. It’s really fun and good exercise for my lazy left hand who’s struggling a bit with all the fine coordination skills.
  • looking through my images from the first six months of this year and picking out my favourites to share with you. I really believe that if you shoot 12 keepers a year, you should be satisfied. From the first six months I am able to call five images keepers, so I’m almost on track.

That’s my updates for now. Hope you’re enjoying life as it is, and encourage you all to take a moment and think about whatever makes you happy. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration in some of the keepers below? If so, please hit the like button or leave a comment below:)







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