An ode to November

In Norway November has to take a lot of shit. It’s too cold, too grey, too dark, too depressing. The days in November are shorter than the rest of the year. November makes us want to curl up under our sheets and just stay there until the lovely December arrives. November is blamed for our depressions. November is blamed for our lack of vitamin D. Heck November even gets songs written about just how depressing of a month it is.

Well, I kind of like November. Being a photographer I wish I would be able to be out at both sunrise and sunset every day. And in November I am able to without sleep deprivation. The sun rises well after we get out of bed, and it sets almost before we get home from work. We get to enjoy sunrise with our breakfast or from behind the office desk, and with a bit of efficiency we get to enjoy our after dinner walk with the dog as the sun sets.

November usually also brings the first snow. And with the first snow everything gets cleaner and lighter outside. Gone are the dark and muddy October as we welcome King Winter.

And should November not bring us snow, should winter linger a bit longer, November always brings colder weather. That means misty mornings and evenings, frosty lakes and trees and leaves and straws of grass. It means putting on those amazing knitted woollen sweaters that we have longed to put on. It means lighting the fireplace, drinking tea and reading or cuddling up with that special someone.

November, I am so thankful for all the beauty you bring.

Here’s a couple of images from Wednesdays evening walk. I hope you enjoy November!




4 thoughts on “An ode to November

  1. Nydelige novemberbilder og ode til en vakker måne, som har det meste!
    Vi kom over fjellet i kveld, det var som et gammeldags julekort. Og det er jo utrulig kos å komme hjem til varm stue, tenne masse fine stearinlys og synke ned i godstolen. November er slettes ikke verst, nei😉!

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