When I walk

Whenever I go out for a walk with my camera I spend the first few minutes checking how my body is that day. I scan for the feelings each step makes me feel throughout my whole body, checking for tensions or compensating muscles that I have to let go or relax. Then I try to feel how the weather is. Is the wind blowing in my face? How’s the temperature? Is the sun warming my back? Thereafter I try to pick up on if there’s any smell in the air. All the information I gather, set the mood for the walk. Then I open my eyes (just to be clear, my eyes have been open all the time, but you get my point) and let whatever that catches my interest come to me.

I try to repeat the steps after each image. Just to make sure that I am at all times present in every way. I find that this method is the best for being able to observe and capture what’s out there.

Today I took a walk from my house, through the neighbourhood and ended up in the city centre. This is what caught my interest. Take a walk with me.










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