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2017 Keepers – Portraits, candid and lifestyle

To me a keeper is an image that make it to the portfolio, that are true to who I am as a photographer, and that tells the story I wanted to tell as I captured it. Each year I tell myself that if I capture 12 keepers, it has been a good year with regards to photography. As we move into 2018, I want to share my keepers from 2017 and tell you a bit about how the image was shot, what I like about it and why I think that one is a keeper. First out is the portraits, candid and lifestyle images.


This image was captured during our celebration of the 17th of May, the day we celebrate our constitution in Norway. The day is generally called the childrens day, and hence the kids are allowed to have as many ice creams as they want. My son was so tired of all the people, the bands, the waiting for the parade, the grown-ups acting grown up, and no amount of ice cream would make him smile at this point. He showed us just how fed up he was, and I loved him for it. The image captures some of his strength, his strong will and his determination, and I think that is why i love it.


As a photographer I find that capturing the true interaction between people is magical, and really difficult. I’ve learned that patience is key, to capture the golden moments you have to wait for the point where the people you’re photographing truly forgets that they are being photographed. I love how you feel the shared excitement in this image. I feel like I’m watching someone who has no idea that they are being photographed in this image, that they are totally lost in the game, and that makes this image in my opinion.


In this image i wanted to show that it’s not only the kids that are fascinated by nature. Just like the last image I had to be patient and wait for my subjects to forget that I was there and start interacting naturally again before I could get the image. I also had to wait for the fish to swim by in the right position, as I did not want to have to crop this image in post. I wanted the composition to be right straight away as it was shot. The lighting conditions were difficult as well, as the sun that lights the aquarium went behind the clouds every now and then. All in all an image that I’m really happy with.


Model: Sigrun Sophia Svendsen – I got to shoot several models in beautiful winter light this December. This is one of my favourite portraits from the shoot. I think it’s a classic head-shot that gives that wintery feel that I wanted. It is one image in a series of shots of the same model, and I will post the rest soon. So pop back for more images from this shoot!


Models: Henning Wien and Inge Alexander Gjestvang – This couple is such an adorable one. I just love their connection in this image. We shot images at different locations around in the town centre of Gran, and at the last location I got my favourite image as they waited for me to figure out the right exposure for the backlit composition. I find that it’s important to shoot couples when they’re not aware that you have started or are still shooting, as that often gives the most natural interaction. More images to come from this shoot in a later post.


Models: Mikael Myhre Kanten and Ellen-Sofie Myhre Kanten – These two could not stop laughing throughout the whole shoot. A brother and sister with a truly amazing connection that we all should strive to have with our siblings. I really loved to work with them, and look forward to sharing more images from the shoot. I chose this as my favourite image from the shoot, as it captures the feeling throughout the shoot in such a good manner.

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