My media musings in January

I’ve said it before; I get my inspiration for both photography and life from everywhere. Movies, TV-shows, books, music, people, social media, you name it. So today I wanted to share a couple of my media musings that have inspired me in this very first month of 2018.

  1. Please like me

This is just an amazingly funny TV-show. Streams on Netflix, and I just love it. I know this is old news, the last season (the fourth) came out back in 2016, but I’ve rewatched it over the last few weeks and it really is great fun. I’m sharing a clip from an episode where the gangs beloved chicken Adele have ended up on the dinner table, due to the fact that Adele actually turned out to be a rooster. So much love.

2.  TravelFeels (Matti Haapoja)

I actually found this YouTube-channel via another one of my big inspirations; Peter McKinnon. If you’re interested in photography, but have not heard of him, please go check him out! But back to TravelFeels. What first caught my interest was these great videos from Norway that I have shared down below. Maybe the fact that they both are mostly from the area where I grew up is part of the reason I like them. But as I have watched a lot of Mattis videos, I find that Matti has a great way of communicating tips and tricks about photography and cinematography so that it’s easy and interesting. The way he focuses on great content every time he posts is really inspiring, and he is really worth the minutes of attention whenever he uploads a new video. Take a look for yourself.

Wishing you all the very best of weekends! Hope you find something inspiring to watch or listen to or read or just take in in some way. Please make sure to subscribe, so you don’t miss out on posts to come!



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