Weekend at Hafjell

We spent the weekend with friends at Hafjell ski resort. It was freezing cold and totally awsome. Waking up looking at the fresh slopes right next to our bedroom window, watching the sun rise and waiting in line to get the first ride as soon as the gondola starts. Eating cinnamon buns for lunch, home made pizza for dinner and lots of chocolate. Cuddling up for a rest with the son mid day, before hitting the slopes once again. Listening to the children playing and having a blast all day, until all you can hear is their silent and calm breath when they’re tucked in safe and sound. Interesting conversations with good people, sleep and repeat. Magical moments.

No photography done this weekend, but here’s a few snapshots:

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend, and wish you all the very best of weeks!

8 thoughts on “Weekend at Hafjell

      1. It was cold. But we used to live a little further north in the region, and there it was not uncommon to see temperatures as low as minus 35, so minus 18 is not that cold in comparison😉 As far as alpine skiing go however, I do try to avoid temperatures lower than minus 20, as my eyes tearing and the tears freezing to ice makes it a bit difficult to see where I’m going😂

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  1. Ser dokke har hatt nydelige, kalde dagar! Vi har også hatt TOPP vær i helga, kjøpt oss nytt langrennsutstyr- med fellar😁🤗👍. Full pakke; ski, sko, stavar, klede. Ottar har vore på prøvetur i solskin i dag😎⛷! Snart min tur også😰😁!

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